My work illustrates a desire to investigate the tie between the virtual and the real world. Through technology, I seek to examine the complex capabilities and malfunctions of electronics, using the primary mediums of video and sound as a toolbox to create and express ideas.

Daily, we are surrounded by technology; televisions in every home, laptops we use daily, the internet accessible anywhere. We are so closely tied to this data driven world that it becomes an integral part of our physical one. My work uses these every day functions of technology as a means to express the connection between the virtual and real world.

I am interested in exploring both old and new technology to investigate what machines, such as televisions, computers and sound systems are capable of. Through the manipulation of these technologies I hope to explain the tie between the virtual dimensions and the physical world to help to reflect on our life. Creating experiences and environments for viewers that may never have existed anywhere but digital space and making people wonder “how?” by blurring lines between electronic, physical, and spiritual worlds.


Solo Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions


  • Nor'Easter 46th Annual Juried Member's Exhibition, NBMAA, New Britain, CT
  • "Connectivity" 760 Chapel St. New Haven, CT


  • Nor'Easter 45th Annual Juried Member's Exhibition, NBMAA, New Britain, CT
  • "A Celebration of Birds" MAC650, Middletown, CT
  • DBK//VC Art Show II, Meriden, CT
  • "By Night" Six Summit Gallery, Ivoryton, CT
  • "Decoding Campground Symbols" Cudayh Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
  • "Emerging Artists 2015" West Hartford Art League, West Hartford, CT
  • "Bake/Off" Hardcore Sweet Cupcakes, Oakville, CT
  • City Wide Open Studios Artspace, New Haven, CT
  • Light. Vinyl. Video. Artspace, Norwich, CT


  • DBK//VC Art Show, Meriden, CT
  • Online Photography Exhibition 2014 Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts



  •  DBK//VC May 2015, Meriden, CT